Doula Services

How can I help you ?

I will support you and the choices you make unconditionally. I work independently from the NHS. I am not medically trained and do not perform any pregnancy or baby checks. My support is shaped by drawing from solid evidence based information as well as from my personal experience. I have no agenda and will follow your lead where ever you wish to go throughout the journey. I will be guiding you to navigate your way through the various decisions you will need to make by providing  you with:

  • antenatal preparation,
  • local knowledge and services available to you in your area,
  • more information where needed,
  • what to expect during labour,
  • example of comfort measures,
  • support for your partner,
  • infant feeding preparation and support,
  • postnatal support,
  • advocacy,
  • building your confidence around your decision making about your care.

The support of a doula has many advantages and studies have showed that the presence of a doula can reduce stress not only for the mother but her partner too, reduces the potential for interventions and emergency caesarean birth, increases the level of satisfaction a woman and her family can feel after the experience leaving them with a calmer approach to the parenting journey ahead.

These are the various options I can offer you:

  • Birth Doula Services
    Free initial meeting at a place of your choice.
    (after a period of reflection if you decide to book my services I can offer the following for the above price):
    – A minimum of 2 antenatal visits tailored around your needs i.e. Building our relationship, Birth wish list, Preparation for birth and beyond, Physiology of birth, Comfort measures, Infant feeding, Infant care and much more.
    – 24 hour on call period between 38 and 42 weeks depending on your needs.
    – Presence at the birth from the moment you decide that you want me with you. I will remain with you after the birth until you and baby are settled and possibly helping with the first feed.
    – A minimum of 2 postnatal visits
    – Unlimited communication via phone calls or Emails throughout and as long as you need it.
    I am flexible about the services that I offer. If you decide that you want me to continue to provide you with support after the last postnatal visit I will then offer you the Postnatal Package.
    * Basic Birth Package: Between £900 and £1000. 


  • Postnatal Doula Services
    I provide practical and emotional support during the postnatal period tailored to your needs. Whether you are a first time or experienced parent with older children. I can support you in discovering your new baby. Here are some examples of my services:
    – Care of the Mother and Baby.
    – Infant feeding support including Breast and Bottle feeding.
    – Emotional support.
    – Help in making the transition to parenthood.
    – Food shopping and light meal preparation.
    – Light house work.
    – Information on local services and groups.
    – And much more ….
    I am very flexible and more than happy to discuss any special requirements.
    * Basic Postnatal Package: Between £20 and £25 / hour

    *For final price please get in touch by email to phone.