Doula Training

Interested in becoming a Doula?

As a Director of Nurturing Birth alongside Sophie Brigstocke, we can guide you through a doula preparation course.

Nurturing Birth offers a 4-day doula training course for anyone wishing to become a birth and/or postnatal doula.

The course has been approved by Doula UK, the not-for-profit organisation of doulas.

The aim of the course is to introduce people to the doula role, looking at antenatal preparation, birth and postnatal support. In a safe, non-judgemental environment we have the opportunity to:

  • Debrief our experiences of pregnancy, birth, feeding, and the first few weeks with new babies.
  • Look at birth: physiology, anatomy, obstetric scenarios, antenatal support and discussions, supporting parents making informed choices, understanding partner’s needs, birth rights.
  • Discuss the role of a birth and postnatal doula, doula boundaries and client expectations.
  • Discuss feeding options: an introduction to breastfeeding, the basics of positioning and attachment, understanding some of the common problems faced by mums of newborns, recognising when to signpost, helping Mums get off to the best start, history of breastfeeding substitutes, safe preparation of bottles for formula feeding.
  • Look at some of the common issues affecting new mothers and babies e.g. being home with a newborn, lack of sleep, visitors, unsettled babies, routines, self care, postnatal mental health.
  • Consider the best way to support new families including listening skills, helping parents build confidence in looking after their babies, how to remain open minded, signposting quality support.
  • Think about the doula journey ahead – engaging with a mentoring programme, getting to know your local scene, making contacts/working with other health professionals, networking, further study/CPD.
  • Running your own doula business, how to get clients, setting up as self-employed, looking at contracts, insurance, DBS checks.

There is a comprehensive manual for each participant, which is given out during the course. In preparation for the four days every participant is expected to complete a pre-course module and submit that to her trainer at least one week prior to the course.

The home-study is designed to allow the participant to best prepare and reflect. Following the course there is a post-course module to be completed. Once that module is completed to the satisfaction of the trainer then a Nurturing Birth certificate will be issued.

After attending the course, and once you have got your certificate from Nurturing Birth, you can choose to become a member of Doula UK and/or start working right away.

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